About Us


Linc’s high manufacturing standard is the result of a high production capacity of 2 million writing instruments a day, one of the highest achieved by any corporate within the writing instruments sector in India.

This aggregate production capacity has been spread across the Company’s showpiece manufacturing facilities in Falta (SEZ) and Serakole, both in the outskirts of Kolkata.

These manufacturing facilities are marked by a high degree of automation and integration (extruding, assembling, moulding and packaging) supported by cutting-edge R&D, process discipline and certifications (ISO-9001:2000 certification).


The Company manufactures diverse products like ball pens, gel pens, direct fill pens, ball pen refills and stationery products, among others, across its two factories.

This ability is derived from a core competence covering the management of diverse processes (injection moulding, extrusion, auto-refilling, assembling and checking as well as packaging).

Linc’s extrusion competence is used to manufacture refill tubes and barrels used in the manufacture of direct fill pens.

Linc’s auto refill section completes refill filling and assembly for ball pens refills and gel pen refills. Pens are then sent for cleaning excess ink, writing checks, capping and packaging.



Research and development

The contemporariness of Linc’s product range is influenced by an understanding of international trends (shapes and colours) and what different consumers prefer to buy.

A deep insight into these realities has helped Linc introduce relevant products in suitable price categories, increase launch frequency and diversify product lines.

The Company’s R&D capability is reflected in a number of innovative initiatives taken up by the company.

Quality compliance

Over the years, we at Linc have strengthened the quality of the products through prudent investments to improve our procedural discipline, acquire best-in-class certifications and implement mission-critical technologies.

These have helped in the following ways in the development of enduring products; significantly reduced rejections and guaranteed compliance with the established industry benchmarks.