Take Safety into Your Own Hands with the New Pentonic COVID-19 Killer


Workplaces are starting to function with every vital precaution intact. Transport is open with preventive measures alongside limited-capacity arrangements. Shops and grocery stores are operating with social distancing measures.

As signs such as these herald the economy’s recovery, you can see how cities recovering one step at a time. Even as we enter a new landscape, personal hygiene and safety will be the foundation of life going forward.

In light of the current situation that we find ourselves in, everybody will agree that safety is truly the need of the hour. Every aspect of daily life now revolves around the need for protection against the lethal virus. While staying at home is the wisest thing we can do, the need for stepping outdoors cannot be overlooked. Hence, face masks have become compulsory while sanitizers are used almost everywhere we go.

But the question is, are these really enough?

Here’s what Mr Deepak Jalan, Managing Director and CEO of Linc, had to say:

“Linc as a company has always cared for the needs of its valued consumers and we were determined to play a part in the development of a new and safe society which requires all of us to adapt to the new normal. The new Pentonic Covid-19 Killer uses an inventive technology with the highest regard for one’s safety and hygiene and it will certainly change the landscape of how we envision our daily activities”.

So what exactly is this newly-launched instrument about?

Here’s all you need to know.

The Pentonic COVID-19 Killer: Today’s Solution for Personal Safety and Hygiene

The products manufactured by Linc Pen and Plastics Limited have always been a result of innovation and novelty. In fact, they adhere to the highest standards while resonating with the needs of its audiences. As safety trumps all else in today’s world, Linc has risen to the need of the hour with its latest creation – the Pentonic Covid-19 Killer.


This is a pocket-sized, finger-free touch device that measures 122mm in height and 20mm in width. Its white, plastic body is sleek and smooth while operating with an easy push button. Being a 70% ethanol-based retractable marker, it uses refillable cartridges where each contains 4gm of medical ethanol.


This instrument serves as an extension of one’s index finger which can be carried with ease and used practically everywhere. Its prevalence can be found in areas of common use where one would need to resort to physical contact. For instance, elevator buttons, doorbells, ATM buttons, vending machines, switches and other such places for reduced contact and contamination.


  • Refillable with cartridges for longevity
  • Counters situations that demand unavoidable physical contact
  • Easy one-handed use and even easier to carry along
  • Sterilizes every surface it touches with ethanol-based ink
  • Cost-effective for all audiences and demographics

"Driven by a sense of responsibility towards our society, we set forth to create and launch an avant-garde product that would contribute to the safety of people and touch the lives of all.”

A ground-breaking marvel in the field of safety and hygiene, the Pentonic COVID-19 Killer by Linc will be available for purchase on major e-commerce platforms by the 4th week of July 2020. Consequently, it will be launched across all key cities such as Pune, Delhi, Chennai, Kolkata, Bangalore and Mumbai from the 1st week of August onwards.

Set to take the nation by storm, visit your retail stores, stationery shops and pharmaceutical chains to get your own dose of safety!

In the quest for protection against the pandemic, stay one step ahead with Linc.