The Linc COVID-19 Survival Hack - Steps to Safety


Along with it being the survival of the fittest, the second wave of the pandemic is proving to be a survival of the wisest. Wise not in terms of your intellectual prowess, but of the wise choices that you make. With abundant advice doing the rounds, some of which may seem contradictory, we have compiled a COVID-19 Survival Hack that should see you in good stead. 

Mask up and then mask up again 
There are various types of masks available in the market. While any mask worn correctly is better than no mask at all, wearing double masks increases the efficacy of the practice. The simplest logic that we can offer to help you be convinced about two masks is that a single mask may or may not sit properly on your face and may leave you open to the chances of contracting or spreading the virus. Double masks, however, reduce this risk even further. At this stage of the pandemic it is a no-brainer for all of us to do whatever it takes to stop the spread. So, please wear two masks.

It’s in your hands 
A lot of your safety is in your hands - literally and figuratively in this case! Having access to clean water and soap may not always be possible, and that is why sanitizers are your best bet. However, be warned that not all sanitizers work the same way. Additionally, sanitizers too have some dos and don’ts. Here goes: 

  • Sanitizers that contain over 60% of alcohol are recommended to stop the spread of the virus. Even if you use copious amounts of sanitizer and if it’s composition does not have the said alcohol percentage, it won’t yield the same protection. 
  • For sanitizers to be most effective, they have to be rubbed all over your palm - front and back. Further to that, the sanitizer must be absorbed into your skin. The right amount of sanitizer ideally takes around 20-30 seconds for absorption. 
  • Do not wash off the sanitizer with running water. Washing your hands with just plain water undoes any and all good that a sanitizer does. So either sanitize your hands correctly or wash your hands with water and soap to maintain and complete hand hygiene. 
  • Excessive use of sanitizers may leave your hands dry and may even result in skin irritations, rashes and/or other skin conditions. Even in such cases, please do not stop maintaining hand hygiene. Consult a medical professional and have your problem checked out, they are likely to prescribe a pH neutral medicinal soap or handrub. 

Linc offers a herbal hand sanitizer that uses natural ingredients and offers optimum protection, all the while being gentle on your skin. The LINCPLUS Herbal Hand Sanitizer contains 70% pure-grade isopropyl alcohol alongside the natural goodness of Aloe Vera, Lemongrass and Green Tea. Easy to carry, LINCPLUS is available in 60ml and 120ml spray bottles. Order it for yourself and your loved ones, via Amazon.

Stay contactless by tapping for safety
Whether you have to make a card payment or are simply using the elevator, our everyday lives require us to touch many common surfaces. These surfaces are the breeding grounds of the virus and may lead to spreading the virus. Try to minimise your contact with such surfaces. Even if you have to touch them, please sanitize immediately after.

Linc offers a Finger-Free touch device that only lets you tap these surfaces, without touching them but in turn also disinfects when with every tap, leaving a cleaner surface for the next person. The Pentonic COVID-19 KILLER is a pocket-sized, retractable sterilizing marker that you can buy on Amazon. It has a refillable cartridge and offers an easy one-handed use.

Follow these hacks and increase your chances of staying safe. Furthermore, we at Linc Pen have launched a COVID-19 Hygiene Kit. Complete with LINCPLUS KN95 mask, LINCPLUS Herbal Hand Sanitizer, COVID-19 Killer Pen and more, this hygiene kit may prove beneficial in your safety strategy.

We urge you to stay home and stay safe.